How do I download all the photos from a roll?

After you have collected all the pictures from that trip or event, you may be interested in downloading all those exposures to your computer. This is the time to get them developed.

During this development process your roll will be inaccessible and will not be able to access it to add new photos, something similar to what happens with traditional photographic films with the difference that once our development is finished we will have the film back at our disposal to continue adding more photos.

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Select the roll

First of all, you must select the roll you want to develop by clicking on the CUSTOMISE button on the roll (represented by the icon of a gear or cogwheel).

Start developing

With the roll selected click on the DEVELOP tab. This section shows a chart explaining the development process. Then click on the START button.

At this point, the developing process starts and for a few minutes it will disable the roll while generating one or several packages depending on the amount of exposures you have gathered. During these minutes it is not necessary to remain on the page. You could even close the web browser, when the process is finished you will be notified in the email associated with your user account.

Download the packages

Once the development process has been completed, you will have the exposures grouped in one or more packages. Click on DOWNLOAD (represented by the icon of a cloud with an arrow) on each package to download it to your computer.

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