We are the easiest way to organise all the photos that your friends are taking in that party, adventure or event

Easy, private and without installation…

jjiffy is a tool to organise and collect the photos you would like to have without the need to install any application, without having to bother your friends and with all the privacy you need.

  • No installation required

    You don't have to install anything on your mobile, tablet or computer to access jjiffy. You will simply access it from your web browser.

  • Your friends don't need to be registered

    It is enough to provide them with safe and private access through an instantaneous invitation.

  • Safe cloud storage

    We store your photos in the cloud with triple data replication, without watermarks and with maximum quality.

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Don't lose sight of your friends

No matter if they are in Rome, Paris or New York, enjoy in real time all your pictures without bothering anyone.

Create a roll film and invite your friends, so they can add their photos from their mobile devices, as well as see and share all of them.

Friends forever
Excursion to Lost Mountain

Organise all the photos of that activity

An excursion, multiple mobiles and dozens of photographs… organise them all in one collaborative and private space.

All the photos are collected without advertising or watermarks, with the maximum quality, and with the possibility of recovering them all together when you want.

So simple that you won't need installation

Everything is managed from your browser and only the roll film's owner must be registered.

Your guests will be able to get access with their browser and add their photos with a single button.

Exclusive access to the roll film with invitation

The invitation is made with a link or a QR code that your guests can read from their browsers.

You can have invitations where only viewing photos is allowed, limit sending to social networks or close access to new guests.

Felix's Birthday
Melifluo Sound Festival

You choose who you dance with

Forget about giving your phone number or your email, just show a QR code and preserve your privacy.

If you do not like a photo, you can remove it immediately. You can also block access to the guest who uploaded that image.

Avoid gatecrashing

The communication between your device and our servers is done through a secure transfer protocol. The transmission is encrypted and the server is authenticated.

We store your photos in our private cloud, with triple replication that guarantees its durability at 100%.

The last one shuts out the lights

Don't leave the party looking for signal, keep enjoying and photographing with your mobile, then you can add them all together.

When you recover the signal or quietly from home, you can go back to the roll film and add the selection of your best photos.

In 3 steps…

…start sharing those unforgettable moments

  1. Create
    your account

    You can create your first roll film where your photos will be saved. As easy and simple as that, from your web browser.

  2. Invite
    your friends

    Share your roll film with your friends through an encrypted digital invitation, this way you will also give them access.

  3. Start at
    gather photos

    You can now upload your photos from each mobile phone or tablet, without any installation.

Choose your plan

Register and select the plan that best suits your needs



36 exposures

15 days



360 exposures

6 months



1,080 exposures

1 year


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