How do I create a new invitation?

Having more than one invitation is the way to have groups of guests with different access criteria. You can have some guests with the ability to add photos to the roll and others who can only view them. It can be an invitation for family members and another for strangers that at a given time you can block so that no new guests are admitted but those who have already accessed can continue using the roll.

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Select the roll

To add an invitation, you must select the roll on which you want to create it, click on the CUSTOMISE button of the roll (represented by the icon of a gear or cogwheel).

Select the invitation

Even if it is the first time you are accessing this section you will notice that there is already an invitation set up. You can use this invitation to invite your friends or click on CREATE INVITATION to add a new one. You must then identify it with a meaningful Title so that you can identify it among other invitations in the same roll.

Setup options

Finally, check that the invitation you just created is displayed so that you can adjust the different setup options.

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