How do I invite other people?

Invitations are the way for your friends and family to access your rolls quickly and easily, without the need for registration or software installation.

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Invite your friends

An invitation is a unique web link that you can share with those you wish to give access to the roll. An invitation can be used with one or more people at a time. Click on the CUSTOMISE button on the roll (represented by the icon of a gear or cogwheel) that you want to share.

You can give them access in three ways (you choose):

  1. Show them a QR code

    Ask them to enter jjiffy.in and click on CATCH QR button. Then, from your mobile, in the settings of your roll, click on the QR button and show it to them to capture it.

  2. Send them the invitation by email, instant messaging (WhatsApp), ...

    From the settings of your roll, click on the COPY button and you can paste the invitation in a text message to send it to whoever you want.

  3. Print the invitation

    You can print an A4 size sheet ready to be cut in half and then fold each piece to create a small support that you can place on a flat surface (we recommend that you use thick paper or cardboard. See your printer's manual to know what types of paper it supports).

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