Should I post an invitation on social networks?

The invitations allow completely anonymous access to the roll, making it possible to be unregistered and to use jjiffy. This means that anyone who has such an invitation can access the roll.

If you share the invitation in a social network with an undetermined group of people, you may be giving access to that roll to totally unknown people and that may not be your idea. Also, keep in mind that any of those people can in turn redirect that invitation to other users of the network creating an exponential expansion of it.

Our recommendation, to preserve your privacy, is to share the invitation by displaying the QR code directly from your mobile device, so it is not possible for that guest to share access with others. As the face-to-face option is not always viable, you can share the invitation via email or instant messaging, being aware of who the recipients are, and for added security you can always disable the invitation after your guests have accessed it to prevent others from accessing it later.

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