How do I delete a roll?

When a roll has fulfilled its function, deleting it is the way to make the associated exposures available again in order to create new rolls or to reassign those exposures to other rolls.

Please note that deleting the roll implies the deletion of all the photographs associated with it, therefore it is necessary that you do the development of the roll in order to download the exposures to your computer before proceeding with the deletion. In addition, deletion also means that your guests will no longer be able to view those photos as if they were a digital album.

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Select the roll

First, you must select the roll you want to delete, click on the CUSTOMISE button on the roll (represented by a gear or cogwheel icon). Before continuing, make sure you have developed the roll and downloaded the packages with the exposures to your computer.

Roll settings

Then click on the SET button on the roll (represented by the icon of some vertical scroll bars).

Advanced settings

Check that the ADVANCED tab is selected. In this section you will see the section DELETE THE ROLL inside a yellow box. Click on DELETE and a confirmation message will be displayed before the roll is deleted definitively.

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