How do I access the contents of my roll?

To be able to see the exposures (photos) that you and your guests are sharing in one of your rolls, you must access the same interface that all your guests use. For this you have 2 alternatives:

  1. First time access as the owner of the roll

    If you are the owner of the roll and this is the first time you are accessing this roll from your device (mobile, tablet or PC), you have to log in to your jjiffy account, find the roll in the MY ROLLS tab and click on the PHOTOS button (icon representing a pair of photographs) to access it.

  2. Guest access

    If you have already accessed this roll from your device (mobile phone, tablet or PC), load the jjiffy.com home page and click on ACCESS button which will be floating at the bottom of the page and will display a list of the rolls you have been invited to with that device.

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