How do I kick a guest off my roll?

Access to the rolls is obtained through an invitation. Usually this access is done in an anonymous way. In some cases this anonymity can be used by a guest to repeatedly add inappropriate pictures to the roll. In these cases, the solution can be to ban this guest. This is possible if you are the owner of the roll.

Before continuing, access the roll interface.

Select the exposure

First you must find the exposure (photograph) with inappropriate content. Click on it to enlarge it and access more options about it.

Ban the guest

In the lower options bar, click on the EXCLAMATION MARK icon to display a submenu of actions. Before removing the exposure, click on the BANNED USER icon to eject the guest who uploaded the photo to the roll, then a confirmation message will appear before the action is made.

To finish, you can delete the exposure from the roll by clicking on the EXCLAMATION MARK icon again, as we have done in the previous step, but this time we will click on the WASTE BIN icon to delete the exposure.

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