How do I manage the capacity of a roll?

When you create the roll you have to reserve a maximum amount of exposures that are subtracted from the total amount of the contracted plan in your user account. The capacity of the roll will be determined by the available exposures in your plan. This capacity is adjusted by stretches in each roll. Each stretch represents the minimum amount of exposures that can be assigned to a roll.

Whether you need to increase the maximum capacity of the roll, given the success of the roll with your guests, or reduce its capacity to retrieve exposures for other rolls, you should follow the steps below:

Before continuing, please log in to your user account.

Select the roll

First, you must select the roll to which you want to adjust the maximum amount of exposures available by pressing the CUSTOMISE button on the roll (represented by a gear or cogwheel icon).

Roll settings

Then click on the SET button on the roll (represented by the icon of some vertical scroll bars).

Edit settings

Check that the GENERAL tab is selected. In this section you will see a box with the current maximum capacity. By clicking on the side buttons you can increase or decrease that capacity. Click on SAVE to apply the new capacity to the roll.

When one of your rolls is close to 90% of its capacity, we will send you an email warning you of this situation, in case you want to add more capacity to that roll. As soon as the maximum capacity is reached, the roll will prevent the addition of new exposures and the button used to add them from the interface used by your guests will disappear. This situation can be reversed by increasing the capacity of the roll or by removing any of the existing exposures within the roll.

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