How can I close access to a roll?

Under some circumstances you may be interested in not allowing access to any guests of a particular roll. If so, please follow the steps below:

Before continuing, please log in to your user account.

Select the roll

First, you must select the roll you want to block access to by clicking on the CUSTOMISE button on the roll (represented by a gear or cogwheel icon).

Roll settings

Then click on the SET button on the roll (represented by the icon of some vertical scroll bars).

Advanced settings

Check that the ADVANCED tab is selected. In this section you will see the label PERMISSIONS, under which we have a check button for the active roll field. Clicking on this field will activate or deactivate the roll. Click on SAVE to apply the operation performed.

If you have deactivated the roll you will notice that from now on, in front of the roll title, a lock icon will appear representing the blocked access.

In addition, deactivation of the roll occurs in such a way that you, as the owner, will not have access to the roll interface either. Although other operations are allowed, among them, you can start the developing process if you want to download all the exposures contained in that roll to your computer.

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